Another tragedy... Senior actor Dwarakish passed away...

Sowmiya Sriram
Another tragedy... Senior actor Dwarakish passed away...
 A series of tragedies have been happening in the film industry for the past few days. Recently popular kannada senior actor Dwarakish passed away today. Tragedy has struck the kannada film industry. Popular sandalwood actor ntr award winner Dwarkish passed away due to a heart attack. He is 81 years old. Dwarkish, who entered the kannada film industry in 1963, made a name for himself as an actor. He also worked as a producer for many movies. Ayushmann was impressed with his performance in films like Bhava, Aptamitra, and vishnu Vardhana. The kannada film industry expressed deep shock over his death. On the other hand, cine and political celebrities are paying their respects on social media platforms.
Dwarkeesh was born on 19 august 1942 in Mysore. All his childhood was spent there. First, he entered the auto spare parts business and then entered the film industry with his passion for movies. He used to take care of business affairs related to his family while staying in the film industry. His movie 'Mayor Muthanna' starring Rajkumar and Bharti was a commercial success and brought him money as a producer. He not only acted in many films with Vishnuvardhan but also produced many films. The pair of these two got a good name at that time.

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