Telangana Hyderabad - Youth Succumbing to Road Accidents Raise Concerns

Three other passengers in the automobile suffered serious injuries after their vehicle crashed into a rotary at high speed near Dundigal at midnight, killing the 20-year-old engineering student instantly. Annamaneni Meghansh was named as the deceased, while three others, Sai Manas, A.S. Karnav, and Sri Charan reddy, each aged 19, were injured. Meghansh was sitting next to the chauffeur.
They were going back to their university campus in Bahadurpally, according to Ch Shankaraiah, a police official. He said, "There's no evidence to suggest they were drunk." The news broke to Meghansh's family, who were distraught. "He came home for the holidays and was just enjoying quality time with us," his father Anil stated. This completely upended our world. Young people have been involved in several traffic accidents. In less than a month, at least three people had passed away; they were all between the ages of 19 and 23.
 On march 21, Gunti Madhu, then 19 years old, was traveling as the pillion in a bike crash that resulted in a tragic collision with a stationary car. Ullegala Sambaraju, the rider, was seriously hurt. In a different accident, a first-year BTech student named Ravula Arvind reddy perished and his classmates were hurt after their automobile crashed rapidly close to Maisammaguda in the medchal district. Twenty-year-old third-year B. Tech student kalyan Reddy was killed when his speeding vehicle on Bowrampet Road struck a power pole. kalyan passed away from serious brain trauma.

We learn of car crashes brought on by careless driving daily. It is important to follow safe driving procedures. We have been devoted to advancing traffic safety nonstop. Sub-inspector K. Rajesh stated, "It is depressing to see that many young people are still tempted by the thrill of speeding."

Beginning on friday and lasting for twenty-four hours, six people lost their lives in car crashes. When an unknown automobile struck M. Mahesh, an app-based bike rider, and P. sneha Priya, his passenger, they both perished close to the PVNR Motorway in Gudimalkapur. An automobile struck and killed taxi driver V. pranay Kumar and his companion Ravinder Babu. C. Buggaiah, 55, and his father-in-law Veeeraiah perished after their vehicle collided with a parked truck.


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