AP - Modi and Amit Shah Taking AP too Easy?

TDP alliance is campaigning in AP. Chandrababe, who has a head in politics, is carrying the entire burden. Recently, janasena chief pawan kalyan participated in joint campaign meetings held for two days. He will participate in more meetings. Chandrababu and Pawan's joint campaign is getting an exemplary response.

But to change the gear and increase the speed, the central bjp leaders have to come, analysts say. Because for the last five years both Chandrababu and pawan kalyan in the name of Varahi have been in the public sphere. They have been criticizing Jagan. Now people don't see anything new during elections. Whatever they say, the people are going to the elections as a routine. At this time, they say that if the bjp bigwigs attack jagan with powerful dialogues, the alliance will get aggressive.

When prime minister Modi and home minister amit shah came, the atmosphere was different. If these two duos toured the respective states, they would show dots to their opponents and put them in a tight spot. At the same time, they make accusations of corruption and make promises about development. Modi is bringing new momentum with his campaign to the bjp which has no vote bank in the neighboring state of tamil Nadu.

The alliance leaders want such a strong dose here in ap as well. The corruption in ap in the last five years.. Jagan's failure in governance.. the funds given by the center for the development of AP.. If you explain all this with calculations, it will give a boost to the alliance. In the elections held ten years ago, the alliance got a boost with Modi's meetings. And this time too, it remains to be seen whether the top leaders will come and campaign like that and make Chandrababu the throne or not.

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