Telangana - CM Promises to Waive Farm Loans by Aug 15

Telangana chief minister A. revanth reddy declared on monday that agricultural loans up to Rs 2 lakh will be forgiven by august 15 in the data-face of growing criticism from the opposition parties for not carrying out the promises made before to the assembly elections. revanth reddy promised the farmers during a congress "Jana Jatara Sabha" in Narayanpet on monday night that their loans will be forgiven all at once as part of the party's campaign for the lok sabha elections.

He said that the Model Code of Conduct for the lok sabha elections prevented the debts from being forgiven thus far, but the congress administration will not renege on its pledge to do so.
Additionally, revanth reddy gave the farmers assurances that starting with the upcoming crop season, the government will provide them a bonus of Rs 500 per quintal of paddy.
In addition, the leader of the telangana congress said that the local body elections will take place in two months following the conclusion of the lok sabha elections.
The chief minister declared at the time that the "Indiramma" committees, which would have the authority to choose the program participants, would carry out the government's initiatives.

Additionally, he said that the bharatiya janata party (BJP) and the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) had a covert arrangement in place to guarantee the BJP's win on five of the state's seventeen lok sabha seats.
In addition, the chief minister said that BRS president K. chandrasekhar Rao had pledged prime minister Narendra Modi his party in exchange for the release of his daughter K. Kavitha, who is now detained about the national capital's excise policy issue.

The chief minister attacked kcr for not offering the mudiraj community, which makes up 10% of the state's population, even one ticket, saying that "the mudiraj community will be given representation in the state cabinet if congress wins 15 lok sabha seats in the state."
He said that while the BRS administration did nothing for ten years, a lawsuit to classify mudiraj as BC-A rather than the present BC-D category is still ongoing in the supreme Court.

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