Tollywood Keeps a Muted Response on Jagan's Incident

Even though ap Chief minister jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ys jagan mohan reddy may have been slightly hurt by a miscreant's little stone, the incident rapidly descended into a political blame game between the parties and sparked intense media commentary. However, it's odd that practically all telugu stars, filmmakers, and other well-known figures who are very active on social networking sites like data-facebook have adopted a remarkably muted posture.
 Not even a formal post was used to denounce the behavior. Even though the May 13 polls are only a few weeks away, jagan is still the ap chief minister. It's whispered in business circles that YS jagan handled the telugu industry better than anyone else. He forced the top TFI officials to plead for ticket increases, and they all had to go before jagan and make their requests with folded hands. They are now waiting it out since most people believe they cannot handle jagan or the YSRCP anyhow, so there is no reason to give his party unfettered publicity so close to the polls.

There are inside talks that, most of the tollywood is against the current ruling party and they don't want to take any stance right now. 

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