Dominating Both Box-Office and Reviews!

A startling development in the indian film industry occurred in the first quarter of 2024: malayalam film has unexpectedly become the main attraction. Manjummel Boys, Hanu Man, Chamikila, Aavesham, Bramayugam, Premalu, Tillu Square, Laapata Ladies, Maidaan, Bhakshak, and Anweshippin Kandethum are a few of the year's most notable films thus far. The fact that more than half of these outstanding films are produced in the malayalam language is a remarkable accomplishment.
These films not only won over reviewers' admiration but also became enormous blockbusters at the box office. Even Telugu-dubbed versions of their flicks, like Premalu and Manjummel Boys, proved successful. Notable tollywood productions like Hanu Man and Tillu Square made a substantial contribution. These films not only received critical acclaim but also saw considerable economic success, surpassing the 300 and 100 crore milestones, respectively.
 Bollywood films with excellent narratives included Maidaan, Laapata Ladies, and a few more. Still, none of them was a huge hit at the box office, despite their worth. On OTT, Bhakshak and Chamkila proved to be excellent films. Unfortunately, there haven't been any particularly noteworthy releases this year from the tamil cinema industry. Much-awaited films like Lal Salaam, Ayaalaan, Captain Miller, and Siren were met with severe criticism from reviewers and viewers alike, and never really took off.


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