Pooja Hegde Marriage On This Date !?!

With a busy career and several highly anticipated films coming up, pooja hegde, the pan-Indian star, seemed to be heading in the direction of luxury and peace. The actress, who is working on several high-profile films like "Deva," "Sanki," and three significant South indian productions, has reportedly paid 45 crores for a gorgeous seaside property.
 According to people close to the actress, "Pooja Hegde has moved into an amazing mansion with a stunning view of the sea that spans 4000 square feet." This luxurious home is tucked away in a prominent position and provides both breathtaking sea views and a haven of luxury and elegance right in the middle of Mumbai." Now, sources reveal that pooja hegde is going to marry rohan mehra and she will move to this new house as well. The marriage is planned by december season. 

The actress, who had lived in another city home, is going through a major shift with this transfer. pooja hegde, who is renowned for her exquisite taste and keen eye, has already made her imprint on the interiors of her previous home, demonstrating her sense of style and design. Fans and admirers are excited to see hints of the actress's trademark style and personal touches in her newest residence as she settles into her spacious new estate.

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