Warangal MP ticket: Is KCR's strategy failing?

Sowmiya Sriram
Warangal mp ticket: Is KCR's strategy failing?
It can be said that kcr is one of the leaders who fought a lot for the telangana separate state and made the state ready. Such kcr came to power in telangana state for the last two terms and ruled in his own style. He did it without the word opposition. It can be said that such a strategy of kcr was missed in the 2023 assembly elections. kcr, who used to come up with amazing strategies, is currently lagging behind even in the mp elections. The main reason for this can be said to be the warangal mp ticket. Kadiyam Srihari's daughter Kadiyam Kavya has been assigned as the BRS candidate for Parliament. As she unexpectedly joined the Congress, there was a lot of excitement over the ticket. But Tatikonda Rajaiah is the most famous leader after Kadiam in the joint warangal district. Dr. Marepalli declared to Sudhir Kumar that he was not the one who had done so much for his parliament ticket.
Political analysts who have seen this announcement say that KCR's strategies and strategies are missing and it is surprising that Sudhir is given a ticket leaving aside Rajaiah who is very famous. Besides, Rajaiah was disappointed in his expectations for the station Ganpur ticket. That ticket was allotted to kcr Kadiam srihari and he won as mla and went to Congress. It seems that Rajaiah again asked kcr for an mp ticket in this order. But as Sudhir was given the ticket instead of him, many felt that Kadiyam should data-face Kavya which means Rajaiah is the strongest candidate. But the ranks of the BRS are expressing their anger as Marepalli was given to Sudhir unexpectedly. Besides, Aruri Ramesh is contesting from warangal BJP. In this way, the winner of the three-way battle will be known beforehand.

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