Jagan Mohan Looting Andhra Pradesh says CBN

TDP chief N chandrababu naidu encouraged voters to pick between an administration that builds the state or one that ruins it on Friday, accusing chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy of plundering Andhra Pradesh. Speaking at an electoral rally in the guntur district's Vemuru, he said that 29,000 farmers had come forward to donate 35,000 acres of land, demonstrating their trust in him to establish amaravati as the nation's capital.

This is most likely a world record. However, jagan staged a lavish production in the name of three capitals, and as a result, the state currently lacks capital, according to Naidu.
The head of the tdp has pledged to take action to ensure that the krishna river delta region has enough water for three harvests annually.
He said that reddy had plundered the state by selling phony spirits at exorbitant costs, and he was asking people to choose between an administration that built the state or one that destroyed it.

When he came back to power, he pledged to be the state's finest driver and promised jobs for the kids.
On May 13, andhra pradesh will hold elections for the 175-member assembly and 25 lok sabha seats. The results will be counted on june 4.

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