Expose Naidu's Failure in 2014 says CM Jagan

Chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy has urged the public to back the YSRC in the current elections, criticizing the telugu Desam, Jana Sena, and bjp for their "failure to implement any promise in their manifesto released in 2014 polls." He stated, "Vote for us if you want ap to progress and if the people want to continue getting the welfare scheme benefits," at a public gathering on friday at Etukuru Bypass Road in guntur that was organized as part of the Memantha Siddham program.

Everybody was instructed by jagan Mohan reddy to inform 100 people in the vicinity about the need to support the YSRC. If they want the establishment of hospitals, educational facilities, and "governance with no corruption," as well as the distribution of social security pensions and benefits from other welfare programs by village or ward volunteers at their doorsteps. "I appeal to you all to elect 25 party nominees for the lok sabha segments and YSRC nominees in all 175 assembly segments," he added.

Pulling out a brochure that TD head chandrababu naidu had distributed during the 2014 elections, jagan Mohan reddy displayed pictures of himself, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, and then-BJP national campaign chief narendra modi along with key items from the manifesto. He enumerated each item and stated, "Naidu made it to be distributed door-to-door with an appeal to the voters to support the party in the elections."

He inquired as to if any of these were put into effect by the TD-BJP administration during its five-year term from 2014 to 2019. He questioned whether Naidu has fulfilled his election pledge to forgive loans to farmers worth `87,602 crore. He also attacked Naidu for not waiving `14,205 crore in debts to women in Self-Help Groups. Regarding TD's pledge to provide every girl kid a bank deposit of around 25,000 rupees, jagan Mohan reddy questioned if a single rupee had ever been given to a girl child.

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