Drinking water problems when Congress came to power..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Drinking water problems when congress came to power..!?
KTR asked the government why they are not using the water in Nagarjunasagar, which is not enough for drinking water for a year. Former minister ktr criticized that when the congress came to power in Telangana, the problem of drinking water started again. On Wednesday, ktr spoke to the media in Hyderabad. He said that revanth Reddy's government does not care if people are suffering. He said that when congress came to power, fresh water problems started again in Hyderabad. ktr said that when they were in power, they worked for the solution of public problems. However, he criticized revanth reddy for focusing on the inclusion of MLAs and leaders from other parties.
He said that when BRS was in power in Telangana, there was no problem of fresh water anywhere in the state. He reminded that Mission Bhagiratha was undertaken and completed with Rs.38 thousand crores. He said that the city of hyderabad has been prevented from drinking water shortage for 50 years. He criticized that the rush of tankers started in hyderabad as soon as the government came down in Telangana. He said that the lack of drinking water is not caused by nature. ktr questioned why there is a shortage of drinking water with 14% more rain than the previous rain. Even if there is water in the projects, he criticized the government for not having the wisdom to manage it. It is not to lift the party gates. ktr expressed his wish to lift the gates of the projects if possible for the people. ktr advised the government to focus on water tapping, not phone tapping. He said that there is water in Nagarjunasagar for the needs of the city's population throughout the year. ktr criticized that the political faction is trying to show Kaleswaram as a failed project.
He questioned how the pump houses were started again if the kaleswaram project failed. ktr criticized that lakhs of acres of crops dried up because there was water in Kaleswaram and it was hidden. Turn on the kaleswaram project pumps and fill the reservoirs. Meet the drinking water needs of the people of Hyderabad. He demanded that the congress party and the chief minister apologize to the people of the city for creating problems in Hyderabad's drinking water supply. He said that the details of farmers' suicides would be sent directly to revanth Reddy. He said that they would provide all the details they had. He clarified that he has nothing to do with phone tapping. He said that the chief minister will not be left behind if he talks crosswise. He demanded that an inquiry should be conducted into the phone tapping cases from 2004 if he has integrity. ktr criticized the congress government for spending money by spreading propaganda without holding an official press meeting on the taping.

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