Volunteer war is shaking AP..!? Politics heated with mutual criticism..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Volunteer war is shaking AP..!? politics heated with mutual criticism..!?
The volunteer war has intensified in Andhra Pradesh. If the ycp is accusing the tdp of preventing them from going door to door and giving pensions to the elderly. No, the opposition tdp and Jana Sena are criticizing the ycp for doing politics by obstructing the elderly. A volunteer war is going on in Andhra Pradesh. There is a spat of words between the ruling party and the opposition over the volunteer system. As the elections are approaching, the controversy is intensifying. The opposition alleges that the volunteers are forcibly collecting the data. In this context, Citizen for Democracy led by former election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar filed a petition in the high court to see the role of volunteers in the distribution of cash. It is advised not to distribute cash with volunteers and use government employees for cash distribution schemes. CEO mukesh Kumar meena directed the officials to make other alternative arrangements. It is said that this decision has been taken as per the orders of the High Court. In this development, the war of the Volunteers began. If the ycp is accusing the tdp of preventing them from going door-to-door and giving pensions to the elderly, the opposition tdp and Jana Sena are criticizing the ycp for doing politics by obstructing the elderly. The tdp chief called the chief secretary of the state government to take up distribution at home. They want to take steps to distribute pensions by going door to door. Tensions distribution ec has not imposed any restrictions, they want to go door to door without bothering the old people through alternative arrangements.
At this moment minister Botsa Satyanarayana's comments became a hot topic. minister Botha protested that after doing all that tdp leaders are talking about, even god will not forgive Chandrababu for not giving pensions to the elderly and disabled. They are questioning that everything is politicized and there is no minimum humanity. If they have been distributing pensions with volunteers for the last five years, then why is there a problem now? On the other hand, the mass resignation of volunteers has also become politically crucial. They are saying that if they are serving the people, they are blaming them and they are resigning in protest against the behavior of the opposition leaders. They are saying that they are upset that they are being prevented from giving pensions. He said that the elderly are calling for tension, but in the current situation they are not in a position to deliver.
It seems that ycp will turn this issue in their favor. The ycp is alleging that the volunteers are resigning because the tdp filed a complaint with the election Commission. No, the opposition is alleging that ycp is using volunteers across the state as its activists, chief minister jagan mohan reddy sent resignation forms to volunteers today for his selfish politics and forced them to sign that form, and jagan mohan reddy is trying to use this issue in the elections. tdp is countering that ycp is doing politics by blocking volunteers. In this context, the ap government has issued key guidelines on the distribution of pensions.
It has been stated that the pension should be distributed by categories till april 6. The order clarified that the secretariats should work from 9 am to 7 pm. At this juncture, the ap government has ordered to give pensions to the disabled, sick, and those confined to wheelchairs at home and to make arrangements for distribution at village wards and secretariats. It also directed the Collectors to make special arrangements for the tribal areas which are far away from the village secretariats. On the whole, the issue of the distribution of pensions has heated up ap politics with mutual criticisms of ruling and opposition leaders.

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