Tillu Square - Big Mistake Avoided by OTTs

There wasn't much buzz around dj Tillu's release; what was there was primarily due to the hit dj Tillu song. Since dj Tillu was a very modest film with little competition from major players, Aha Video was able to secure the OTT rights once dj Tillu became popular. But in the end, Netflix grabbed the OTT rights to the sequel, even though a few major OTT providers were already ahead of the game in Tillu Square. 

Netflix made a great choice since films like dj Tillu or Tillu Square will probably have repeat viewers for a very long time given the good buzz and fervour around the Tillu persona. According to reports, even the first segment—DJ Tillu's first half—generated repeat views for Aha Video.

Tillu Square, a super blockbuster criminal comedy starring young talents Siddu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran, is doing extremely well at the box office throughout the globe. After grossing more than Rs 43 crore on its first weekend, the movie is expected to break into the Rs 50 crore club worldwide. Over the course of its three-day theatrical run, the movie has amassed an incredible box office haul in the vital Nizam area.
At the ticket booths in the Nizam area on Sunday, Tillu Square got a cool Rs 3.30 crore distributor share. The movie's first weekend Nizam share comes to a total of Rs 10.50 crore. Well, the team's feat in joining the Rs 10 crore club on the first weekend, especially in the midst of the IPL frenzy, may be attributed to the widespread Tillu fever.

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