Chandrababu Naidu is a Habitual Liar says Jagan

Chief minister of andhra pradesh, Y.S. jagan Mohan Reddy, attacked the opposition TDP-BJP-JSP combination on Tuesday, branding it a "gang of a crafty alliance" headed by tdp President N. chandrababu naidu, whose "foundation is lies and deceit".
“After five years, chandrababu naidu rose from the grave to seek power, much like Pashupati does in the movie "Arundhati." This Pashupati wants the impoverished people's blood to soak into the CM's chair. He's always attempting to trick you with falsehoods. As part of his Memantha Siddham yatra, he addressed a public assembly at madanapalle in the annamayya district. "But remember what happened in 2014," he remarked.

Chandrababu Naidu and other "habitual liars" should not be given a chance, according to the leader of the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ysr congress Party.
"The opposition parties are unable to fight me alone, so they are coming in groups like a pack of wolves," he stated.
He questioned the populace about their readiness to defend and carry on the advancement of each home, community, and socioeconomic class as well as the empowerment of individuals, encompassing the wellbeing of the elderly and young.
"Are you all ready to explain the works done in every corner of the state so that the YSRCP win 175 out of 175 assembly seats and 25 out of 25 mp seats," said the politician.

The chief minister also asserted that, despite treating the manifesto like a holy text, the YSRCP administration had delivered on 99% of its pledges.
He asked for votes from the audience whether they had received government benefits. "After five years of good governance by the YSRCP government, I am very happy to stand before you with pride and politely say that we have done it well," he added.
The chief minister questioned the public about whether pupils who received 99 percent would be terrified of tests, while others who received 10 percent would pass.
"Naidu (Chandrababu) did not fulfil even 10% of his 2014 promises." Is he capable of standing before your son, Jagan?" He stated.

"We have provided the people with over Rs 3 lakh 75 thousand crore through DBT and Non-DBTs." Not a single plan springs to mind when we hear the name Chandrababu, but Jagan's name is synonymous with welfare and development without of prejudice or corruption," the speaker stated.
Calling chandrababu naidu a chronic liar, jagan stated that he made a commitment in 2014 to forgive the debts taken out by farmers and societies, but he never followed through on it.
In addition, the chief minister charged that chandrababu naidu had plotted to demolish andhra pradesh and had even filed objections to prevent the pension during the election campaign. He said that chandrababu naidu, via his aides, lodged a complaint with the election Commission, halting the pension payment to the volunteers. The volunteers would cheerfully disburse the money on the first of each month.

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