Telangana - Be it Congress or BRS in power, AIMIM always wins

In telangana politics, a newfound friendship had emerged over the past ten years between the erstwhile Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and All india Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM). The fact that both parties were fierce rivals of the congress facilitated the alliance, particularly for AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, who had severed ties with the grand old party in 2012. 

Up to the BRS's defeat by the congress in the telangana assembly election last year, everything was going well for the AIMIM and BRS. Many questioned if Owaisi would stay close to BRS head and former chief minister chandrasekhar rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">k chandrasekhar rao (KCR) or if the AIMIM would be ready to make amends with the congress and leave their ten-year rivalry behind them.

With a few restrictions, it appears that the AIMIM is genuinely getting closer to Conrgess inside Telangana. More over three months have passed after the BRS's defeat, and the AIMIM already appears to be getting close to the Congress. The amicable public demeanour displayed by Owaisi and telangana chief minister revanth Reddy, together with AIMIM's lack of criticism towards the state administration, serve as indicators.
Furthermore, Akbaruddin Owaisi, the mla for Chandrayangutta AIMIM and the younger brother of Asaduddin, saw revanth in london lately, supporting the idea that the two sides had made peace. Furthermore, unlike in the past lok sabha elections, the BRS and AIMIM have not yet made any announcement of their alliance for the next one.

Congress in, kcr out

Even though the AIMIM has been a harsh critic of the congress for many years, given that adversary is currently in power, it appears that the AIMIM is prepared to cooperate with them. According to political observers, this is the true essence of the AIMIM, which has always been a party loyalist that latches upon each opportunity that arises.

In 2012, Owaisi resigned from the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) administration led by congress at the centre when seven of its MLAs were detained during a protest over the unapproved expansion of the Bhagyalaxmi temple at the Charminar. Since then, he has emerged as one of the Congress's most vocal opponents. Additionally, Owaisi has urged Muslims in telangana to vote for kcr, or "Mamu," in the most recent 2023 assembly election. kcr had said that the BRS and AIMIM were "friendly."
But as soon as the congress won the election, the AIMIM began to subtly imply that they were amenable to a compromise. was informed by many BRS employees that this was anticipated.

Where the wind blows, AIMIM follows?

This was always the politically ambiguous AIMIM. They will support the person in charge. Actually, a large number of Muslims oppose AIMIM. Despite not canvassing, our party finished second in numerous of the 44 Old City seats in the 2015 ghmc elections. According to a BRS employee who wished to remain anonymous, kcr did not want to grow there in order to have good relations with Owaisi.
He continued by saying that although Owaisi had previously benefited from KCR's political patronage, the BRS had not benefited by siding with the AIMIM.
Political commentators, however, stated that given the current situation, the AIMIM still cannot be trusted. "AIMIM is running against the congress in the bihar lok sabha elections at a time when a sizable opposition bloc is emerging throughout the country against the BJP. It's a lengthy game. If the congress has to gain momentum in hyderabad, it won't spare the AIMIM for the ghmc polls after the lok sabha, according to an unnamed analyst.
There appears to be significant trepidation inside the telangana congress, particularly among Muslim leaders, about formally allying with the AIMIM. A senior of the telangana Pradesh congress Committee (TPCC) stated that the grand old party is not really contesting Owaisi's hyderabad Lok seat because of the "ongoing love story" between the two parties.
"Ideally, after what Owaisi did to the congress, we ought to have worked to obtain space from the AIMIM." However, senior officials appear to believe that we may win more seats by winning Muslim votes in telangana areas, a senior congress Muslim leader told india Herald.
Of Telangana's seventeen lok sabha seats, the hyderabad constituency has been won by the AIMIM consistently since 1984. Muslim votes are significant in other seats, such as karimnagar or Nizamabad, where the outcome of a close race between the congress, BJP, and BRS might be affected.


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