Telangana - Gold rates in Hyderabad decline after hitting all-time high

Hyderabad's gold prices fell wednesday after reaching an all-time high the previous day. They are 8.38 percent higher than the rates one month ago, even with the reduction.

Gold rates in hyderabad jumped by over 8 pc in March

The yellow metal's rates increased by 8.38% throughout the last month. The current prices in the city for 10-gram gold weighing 22 carats and 24 carats are Rs 63,500 and Rs 69,260, respectively. The prices of 10-gram gold weighing 22 carat and 24 carat were Rs 63,750 and Rs 69,530, respectively, yesterday. 22-carat and 24-carat 10-gram gold were selling for Rs 57,900 and Rs 63,160 in the city on march 1.

In the international market, yesterday, the prices rose to a new lifetime high of USD 2,263.53 per ounce.

Why do yellow metal prices soar?

The Chinese central bank is increasing its reserves of yellow metal due to increased demand, which is the reason behind the rise in gold prices in hyderabad and other indian cities.
In addition, there's the potential for a rate reduction by the US Federal Reserve. Financial products are less appealing to investors than gold due to expectations of low-interest rates, which causes more people to buy the yellow metal and drives up prices.

The Central Asian geopolitical unrest is also driving up demand for yellow metal. Given the ongoing geopolitical unrest in the ukraine and Russia, as well as the ongoing fighting between israel and Hamas spilling into the red Sea region, gold is viewed by investors as an alluring safe-haven investment.
The necessity for gold in weddings drives the domestic market's demand for the precious metal, which is given to brides and grooms in huge amounts as jewellery.
It is still to be seen if gold prices in hyderabad and other indian cities will surpass the Rs 70,000 threshold or if the trend will change.

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