Telangana - SSC Public Examination 2024 results to be released on

The results of Tuesday's SSC Public Examinations are anticipated to be made public on May 2 or 3. The OSSC Main language Paper II (Arabic and Sanskrit) marked the end of the exams. At 19 spot assessment centers throughout the state, the response scripts will be evaluated on the spot starting on Wednesday.

The assessment is anticipated to be finished within this month's second week. The results processing will next be handled by the Directorate of government Examinations, and it should take around two weeks. The results will be made public one month after the tests are finished. Accordingly, the findings should be made public in the first week of May, a representative informed "India Herald." In the meanwhile, 87 of the 91 students who had signed up for the OSSC paper II took the test, which went off without a hitch. A total of 5,08,385 students enrolled for the tests, which were held in 2,676 locations from march 18 to april 2.

A total of 5,08,385 students registered for the exams that will be conducted in 2,676 centres till april 2. As many as 2,676 chief superintendents and 2,676 departmental officers and 30,000 invigilators have been deployed for exam duties.

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