Telangana - Congress's National Manifesto

Since assuming control of the state, the congress party has viewed telangana as a vital basis for its political efforts. It is currently preparing to unveil its national manifesto in Telangana. On april 6, the congress party is planning a sizable public meeting in Tukkuguda, according to chief minister revanth Reddy. This gathering will serve as a major springboard for the party's nationwide campaign.
According to revanth reddy, Tukkuguda is important for the congress party. He recalled that during the telangana assembly elections, the party's well-known six promises were declared at Tukkuguda. revanth reddy declared, "We are going to announce the manifesto for the national elections from the same Tukkuguda now." He claimed that this enormous assembly would be attended by well-known national politicians such as Mallikarjuna Kharge, priyanka Gandhi, and rahul Gandhi. In telangana, the congress hopes to capture at least 14 of the 17 seats. To reach this enormous amount, the party has been acting decisively.

For the next lok sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janta party spent an astounding Rs 31 crore on google advertisements between january 1 and march 15. Most of the advertisements, which were in several languages, starred prime minister Narendra Modi. 14,380 adverts were found to be the total number. The indian poll Commission released the poll dates on march 16. Seven waves of voting begin on april 19 and the results are announced on june 4.

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