Phone Tapping - All Fingers Point One Person

The Special Task Force and SIB police put in a lot of effort, according to former DGP Radhakishan Rao, to make sure that BRS won for a third time. Opposing party leaders' phones were bugged, and their money transfer information was disclosed. He added that they followed previous intelligence head prabhakar Rao's directions. They conducted a "special operation" with police officers from the same community under his direction.

It is made clear in the remand report that the Panjagutta police filed with the nampally court that Radhakishan described the responsibilities of prabhakar Rao's "Special Operation Team," beginning with the process of phone tapping. The police disclosed in the remand report that Radhakishan Rao claimed the nomination of retired prabhakar Rao as the Chief of Intelligence (OSD) was a planned move by the leaders of the previous administration.
As the task force's DCP, Radhakishan assumed leadership in 2017 and departed in august 2020, but the government twice extended his term. In august 2023, the task panel also mandated that he serve as DCP for a further three years, a decision that Radhakishan ascribed to prabhakar Rao's influence. According to the remand report, Radhakishan underlined prabhakar Rao's ceaseless attempts to guarantee BRS an unflinching majority, with every member of his team expressing the desire for BRS to prevail. tdp candidate bhavya Anand Prasad, a Serilingampally native, pilfered Rs. 70 lakh in cash in secunderabad Paradise during the 2018 election.

In the Dubbaka by-election, a chit-fund business owned by Raghunandan Rao's family from the bjp pilfered Rs. Associates of Komatireddy Rajagopal reddy took cash valued at Rs. 3.5 crore from the task team led by Inspector Srinath reddy at the Gandhinagar police station during the last by-election. In this case, it is still unknown who the true "boss" is till prabhakar Rao is questioned. It is improbable that we will be able to identify the main masterminds in this case without his disclosing information.

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