Pilot protests hit Tata group airline Vistara.!

Sindujaa D N
The challenges data-faced by Tata group airline Vistara continue to escalate, as 15 pilots have tendered their resignations in protest against the proposed salary review. This development comes amid ongoing protests by Vistara pilots regarding the salary review, which has led to significant disruptions in flight operations. With pilots refusing duty, Vistara has been forced to cancel numerous flights, causing delays lasting for hours.

According to reports from PTI, quoting sources within the airline, 15 senior first officers of Vistara have resigned and opted to join a domestic budget airline. However, Vistara has refrained from commenting on the matter, as stated by a spokesperson for the airline. Operating approximately 300 flights daily with a fleet of 70 aircraft, including A320 family aircraft and Boeing 787s, Vistara finds itself grappling with mounting opposition from its pilots. 

Many first officers of its A320 fleet have reported sick leave, exacerbating the crew shortage issue. Of Vistara's roughly 800 pilots, the senior first officers who resigned have completed transition training to operate wide-body Boeing 787 aircraft, although they have not yet been assigned duties for these aircraft.

The proposed merger of Vistara with air india, a move initiated by the Tata Group, looms on the horizon. As part of this process, Vistara aims to introduce a new contract for its pilots, data-aligning their salaries with those of air india pilots. However, Vistara pilots are vehemently opposing this proposal, arguing that it entails salary reductions rather than parity.

The shortage of crew pilots has led to flight cancellations by Vistara, prompting the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to demand comprehensive reports on flight cancellations and delays from airlines daily. The Civil Aviation Ministry is closely monitoring the situation, underscoring the severity of the disruptions facing Vistara and the broader aviation sector.

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