AA fans abusing Chiranjeevi is a Disgrace

Allu arjun expressed his happiness on social media earlier in the day following the presentation of his wax figure at the renowned Madame Tussauds Museum in Dubai. His admirers are ecstatic right now. However, some bunny fans are criticising chiranjeevi for failing to congratulate allu arjun on his accomplishment. Though you haven't longed for allu arjun this time, you (Chiru) claim he's like a son to you. Why do you think bunny is so special? A devastated admirer posted that chiru didn't wish for Bunny. This post also contains an offensive insult directed against Chiru.

First of all, it is utterly shameful for some of Bunny's supporters to mistreat chiru in this way. Although many of Bunny's admirers believe that this is a significant accomplishment, chiru doesn't have to time it and give him props the moment it occurs. Prior to this, chiru proactively wished bunny a happy birthday on the occasion of receiving the best actor national award. At the time, he exuded pride in Bunny. It is not OK to use such derogatory words to verbally harass someone simply because they did not share a social media post about bunny receiving their wax figure.

Notably, bunny has stated several times that the reason he is taking this particular road is because chiru lay the groundwork before. This has to be considered before a section arbitrarily mistreats chiru for such a little event, especially when chiru has plenty of opportunity to congratulate bunny on the same, if that's relevant.

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