Just Talk, No Action - Surya Suffers!

More over two years have passed since actor Suriya's official theatrical debut. "ET," his final hero-starring motion picture, debuted in theatres in march 2022. There haven't been any new releases since, with the exception of the wildly successful appearance in "Vikram" as Rolex. None of the initiatives that have been announced have materialised. After more than two years of development, "Kanguva" is scheduled to be released this year for Diwali. After much filming, a creative disagreement forced the termination of another project with filmmaker Bala.
The "Vaadi Vasal" project with Vetrimaaran is now on indefinite hold, and there has been no word on a possible partnership with Pa Ranjith. In addition, there are delays for the movie "Puranaanooru," starring sudha Kongara, as they work to alter the plot. The most recent news is that they will be working with karthik Subbaraj on a movie that will likely be called "Suriya 44." The development of these projects, however, remains unclear since Suriya keeps announcing new films without specifying how or when they would be released.
In collaboration with filmmaker Siva, Suriya will tell the captivating story of Kanguva. Since its premiere, the movie has created excitement and intrigue. Suriya finally posted an update on his X page indicating that the film's shoot was completed.


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