Pawan Kalyan Collapses while CBN and Jagan are Braving the Odds

The Alliance candidate running for the pithapuram Assembly seat, Pawan Kalyan, planned a three-day campaign in his district. However, he only ran for office for one day before ending the two days' schedule and leaving for hyderabad by nightfall. When questioned, it was revealed that pawan kalyan had taken a vacation because he was afflicted with sunstroke and had a fever. If this is accurate, Pawan's level of fitness is under doubt.

It is well known that he was too weak and sweaty to finish the planned walkathon at Vijayawada's Benz Circle during the last election season.
The residents of pithapuram wonder how, in the event that he is bestowed with power as this "power star," he will maintain contact with them for five years if he doesn't even spend three days with them.
Conversely, 74-year-old chandrababu naidu is canvassing in the sweltering heat with no complaints.
According to the medical certificate that facilitated his release from jail, he is not in good health. Nevertheless, the fact that he is risking death to campaign speaks much about his character.

Conversely, even jagan Mohan reddy has interacted with people, having daily encounters with them during his campaigns. He has been relating to people directly and personally, unconcerned by heat waves.
However, Pawan Kalyan's low stamina levels caused him to collapse.
However, some argue that Pawan lost his campaign zeal after becoming discouraged and analysing the situation after learning about the reports from the ground.
Some residents claim that their own sources on the ground have shown that it is extremely difficult to win because of a number of issues, including the TDP's covert goal.

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