Samantha - 'Kushi' Was a Bad Experience

Talented actress samantha Ruth Prabhu has long been dealing with health concerns, according to a trustworthy source in the business. He continues, "She wants to recover completely first, and then only, she will be thinking about returning before the arc lights." "She is fainting after standing for 10 minutes at times and needs more time to regain her normalcy thereafter," he says.
She has realized that her health comes before her work and is making the necessary plans to rebuild her confidence and strength. In addition to receiving therapy, she has been going to the gym to build back her bone strength and strength. "As an actress in a telugu movie must work for at least 10 to 12 days straight and complete her 50-day shoot in a matter of months, samantha has avoided signing telugu films because she is unsure of her health," he notes.

 He goes on to say that she didn't want the producers to go through what they went through when filming "Kushi" and subsequently when promoting the film. She also reportedly apologized to the producers for a few glitches during the production. Though there aren't many offers enticing her, she wants to avoid a similar circumstance and be in peak physical condition before beginning her acting career," he says.

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