Will Kavitha End Up Like Senthil Balaji?

The hearing on temporary bail for BRS MLC kalvakuntla kavitha has been rescheduled for april 4. The plea would be heard by the Rouse Avenue court in delhi on april 4 at 2:30 PM. Kavitha's lawyer, senior counsel abhishek Manu Sighvi, asked the court to give her bail till april 16 since she needed to be with her son, who is taking examinations in a few days.

He said that kavitha was detained even though her name was omitted from the delhi Liquor Scam FIR. He said that she was detained despite her cooperation with the ED during the inquiry. kavitha was placed in tihar jail for a 14-day judicial detention by the Rouse Avenue court on march 26. Her suspected participation in the delhi Liquor Scam case led to her detention.

Meanwhile, there are talks in political circles that kavitha might end up as tamil Nadu minister Senthil balaji whose bail has been denied 50 times. Even though he had health issues and there is no concrete evidence, the bail plea has been rejected for the tamil Nadu minister several times. It's been a year he has been thrown behind the bars.


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