Should Volunteer System Be Scrapped?

Everyone's worst concerns regarding volunteers have materialized. To support jagan Mohan reddy, they have launched a vicious campaign against Chandrababu Naidu. In specifics, by the High Court's ruling, the election commission prohibited Volunteers from delivering Direct Beneficiaries Transfers (DBTs), which included Pensions. The directive came from the andhra pradesh High court in response to a petition brought by Citizens for Democracy protesting the use of volunteers in the government program distribution. The petition was made in response to ongoing allegations that volunteers were influencing local elections.

Following the EC's lead, the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ysr congress devised a scheme to take advantage of it for their benefit. Today, volunteers are visiting homes to educate recipients that chandrababu naidu has suspended pension payments for the next two months and that payments would resume only if jagan Mohan reddy wins the election. Coincidentally, sakshi announced a few days ago that pension payments will only be made starting on april 3rd because of bank holidays and the end of the fiscal year.
Even if the elderly visit the Secretariats, their pensions will not be paid out today or tomorrow. They will therefore be afraid and inclined to trust the volunteers. The jagan government is purposefully avoiding making bank transfers or distributions by government personnel, despite the election Commission's approval. Volunteers are becoming more and more of an extra-constitutional force in elections and voter behavior.
They are interfering with free and fair elections and working for a political party. Up until yesterday, chandrababu naidu made an effort to win over these individuals. However, based on current events, the entire system either has to be substantially redesigned or abandoned. Pension payments must be made using the current, politically apolitical government apparatus.


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