International Children's Book Day : All you need to know!!!

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International Children's Book Day : All you need to know!!!

The Danish novelist Hans Christian Anderson is honored on international Children's Book Day (ICBD) each year. Through the use of books, the day seeks to promote children's love of reading. A new department is selected by the international Bureau of Children's Books (IBBY) to serve as ICBD's international sponsor each year. An established author from the host country is invited by the IBBY to write a letter to young readers worldwide, centered around a chosen theme. Then, this statement is displayed on a poster with an illustration by a well-known illustrator. Using the materials created by IBBY, numerous tactics are employed to encourage books and reading.

Date and theme of international Children's Book Day in 2024

International Children's Book Day falls on april 2 this year; it falls on a tuesday this year. It is a pleasure for IBBY japan (JBBY) to be the official sponsor of ICBD 2024, with the theme "Cross the seas on the Wing of your Imagination". Eiko Kadono, a well-known Japanese author and 2018 HC Andersen Award winner, penned a letter to all children everywhere. Japanese artist Nana Furiya, who lives in slovakia and has an international perspective, created the poster. Imagination is the essential word for ICBD 2024. JBBY thinks that encouraging creativity will result in tolerance and understanding between people.

Importance of international Children's Book Day: Children all over the world are encouraged to read for enjoyment and to improve their literacy skills by international Children's Book Day. The international Board on Books for Young people (IBBY) organizes this yearly celebration of children's literature and the ongoing legacy of writers like Hans Christian Andersen. With books, kids may explore a variety of viewpoints, ignite their curiosity, and cultivate a lifetime love of reading—all of which contribute to the power of storytelling and a better future.

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