Prabhas Suffocating with Non-Stop Shooting

Unquestionably one of the most dedicated actors in telugu cinema, prabhas is the only well-known actor to work on many projects at once. However, juggling three projects at once is too much even for him to handle. prabhas is now shooting languidly for raja Saab while working on Kalki's shoot. According to fans of a video featuring actor bobby Simha, who is involved in the project, indicating that filming would start in April, there are already rumors on social media that Salaar 2 will open in April.

But prabhas is already working nonstop since he has to finish Kalki's filming as soon as possible because May 9th is still the movie's scheduled release date. And last, raja Saab, which has also been producing cars for a long. Getting these tasks finished as soon as possible will be the top priority. However, sandeep Reddy Vanga has said that Spirit's filming would start by year's end, and prabhas will also need to make himself accessible for this endeavor.
 Starting Salaar 2 at the same time as kalki and raja Saab, making it the third project under production, could be too much to ask for with everything else going on. Did bobby imply that the part that doesn't feature prabhas would continue to be shot? Does the filming indeed begin in April? We're limited to waiting and observing.

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