‘See you after we win’: PM to ministers ahead of LS polls

In order to complete a comprehensive action plan for the next five years and examine the Bharatiya Janata Party's readiness for the impending lok sabha elections, prime minister Narendra Modi hosted a meeting of his Council of Ministers on Sunday. According to sources who spoke to india Herald, he warned the ministers during his address, "We will meet again after winning" and counselled them to speak in public with caution and thoughtful consideration.

He advised the ministers to exercise caution when it came to deepfake attempts, such changing their voices. A comprehensive action plan for the next five years as well as the vision document for "Viksit Bharat:2047" were discussed and decided upon by a number of bjp leaders during the approximately 12-hour meeting.

According to reports, the prime minister instructed all bjp officials to steer clear of contentious statements and instead discuss government programmes with the public.
According to further sources, the prime minister urged his cabinet colleagues to exert maximum effort in securing public support during the election while outlining the many initiatives his administration has implemented to promote growth and guarantee the well-being of all societal groups.
"After winning (the polls), we will meet again," a source cited prime minister Modi as saying.

The prime minister applauded the proposals made by Union ministers ashwini Vaishnaw, Hardeep Puri, kiran Rijiju, arjun Meghwal, and piyush goyal during the meeting.
A 100-day plan for the first actions to be done once a new government is established in May was discussed during the discussion, according to government officials who spoke with news agency PTI. The agenda was intended to be implemented quickly.
At various levels, there were almost 2,700 meetings, workshops, and seminars. More than 20 lakh young people submitted suggestions, according to an official.

At what is expected to be the last such conference before the lok sabha elections are announced, a number of ministries presented their ideas and points of view.

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