Chasing Routine Director, Ignoring Lokesh!

The telugu public hasn't warmed up to tamil filmmaker atlee, who they frequently see as imitating and unoriginal. On the other hand, telugu audiences greatly like another tamil director, lokesh kanagaraj, for his inventive narrative tactics and imaginative storytelling. But in the North, Atlee's luck takes a different turn. With the huge box office success of "Jawan," which brought in over 1200 crores, atlee has become one of India's most renowned filmmakers, particularly in Bollywood.

In bollywood circles, there is an insatiable desire for atlee, which has caused his reputation to soar and earned him invites to important functions and award shows. ranveer singh spoke at the recent Ambani pre-wedding party that atlee attended, expressing the excitement that many bollywood stars had about working with him. In the same way that atlee did with Shah Rukh Khan in "Jawan," they think he may work his magic and increase their notoriety.

However, even though lokesh kanagaraj is widely regarded as having extraordinary potential, he hasn't yet won over the interest of the indian audience as a whole. He might have to lead a significant pan-Indian film starring one of the top stars in the business to broaden his appeal beyond South india and demonstrate his directing abilities to a larger audience.

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