Telangana Hyderabad - Bhadrachalam BRS MLA meets CM and seeks Development Funds

On sunday, march 3, BRS mla Tellam venkat rao of bhadrachalam met with chief minister Revanth reddy at his home and urged him to grant funds for several development projects in his constituency. Ponguleti srinivas reddy, the state minister of revenue, was with him along with his family. The chief minister received a written representation from the bhadrachalam mla outlining the many ongoing projects and urgent repairs that require money. The chief minister and the BRS mla met for the second time after the recently ended assembly elections, in which the congress party won.

After meeting with chief minister Revanth reddy, BRS mla from bhadrachalam Tellam venkat rao sparked suspicions of a possible party crossover. The meeting, which happened on a sunday morning and included minister Ponguleti Srinivasa reddy, is the second occasion that Venkatrao has held talks with the chief minister following the election results. 

Venkatrao covered a range of development-related topics at the meeting, such as the expansion of the bhadrachalam Ram Temple, the reunification of five telangana Gramme Panchayats, and the lack of a dumping yard in bhadrachalam town. He underlined the importance of regional development initiatives. The media has taken notice of the encounter and there has been conjecture that Venkatrao could be changing parties. telangana politics are still developing as the state gets ready for the next lok sabha elections.

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