Telangana - Modi to Inaugurate Several Development Works

From march 4 to 6, prime minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit Telangana, tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal, and Bihar. In Adilabad, Telangana, Modi will dedicate, inaugurate, and lay the cornerstone for projects valued at over Rs 56,000 crore. The electricity industry will benefit greatly from these developments. 

The PM is expected to launch and lay the cornerstone for development projects valued at over Rs. 6,800 crore in Sangareddy. This constituency will be working on initiatives involving a number of important industries, including natural gas, road, rail, and petroleum. The PM would dedicate the Civil Aviation Research Organisation (CARO) in Hyderabad. 

The PM will witness the start of core loading of India's domestic Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Kalpakka, tamil Nadu, which is a historic milestone in India's nuclear power development. Modi is expected to dedicate, launch, and lay the cornerstone for many development projects totaling more than Rs. 19,600 crore at Chandikhole, Odisha. In Kolkata, he will also lay the cornerstone for other connectivity projects valued at Rs. 15,400 crore.

Modi will dedicate, inaugurate, and lay the foundation for a number of projects costing about Rs. 8,700 crore in Bettiah, Bihar. Additionally, he will dedicate indian Oil's LPG bottling facility and storage terminal at Motihari and open the Muzaffarpur-Motihari LPG Pipeline.

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