Director Harassed Most Trending Heroine on the Sets

Following Premalu's popularity, Mamitha Baiju, a Malayali beauty, is one of the most talked-about names in South indian film. After this film's OTT premiere, she probably won't be getting as much attention. Speaking of this, Mamitha has disclosed that whilst filming a tamil movie with Suriya, she was struck by director Bala. 

This was a discovery gleaned from the actor's prior experience. The young actress said that when she didn't execute a dance routine correctly, the director gave her a backhand. She continues by saying that the director overreached himself by striking her since she was unaware of the song's concept and presentation.

After the director and actress couldn't get along, the actress decided not to continue with the Vanaangan project. On social media, Mamitha's disclosure regarding filmmaker Bala, who is renowned for his extreme tactics, has garnered attention. Coincidentally, Suriya also abandoned the idea later on. The actress's admission adds to the reasons why things never went as planned with the production.
Ironically, this is not the first time such an accusation has been made against the director. A few years back while he crafted 'Paradesi' movie, a making video was released where he was seen beating the junior artists with belt and a stick.


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