Telangana Schools to be Closed from March 8 to 10 - Find out Why

Telangana schools are probably going to be closed from march 8 to march 10, for three days. According to the telangana government's calendar, march 8, a Friday, is designated as Mahashivaratri. The days that follow, which are second saturday and Sunday, respectively, are also set aside as holidays: march 9 and 10. As a result, telangana kids will probably receive three days off in a row in March. students across telangana will likely have three consecutive days off in this month of March

On Friday, Additional collector Praful Desai visited the construction work being done at the Palakurti temple dedicated to Sri Someshwara Lakshminarasimha Swamy. He instructed authorities to finish the work associated with the Mahashivaratri festival. "The earliest possible completion of all work related to sanitation, waiting lines, street lights, restrooms, internal roads, drinking water, gardening, development, and beautification is recommended," he stated. 

He requested that officials set up staff shift assignments for Jatara. He requested that officials make sure contractors meet deadlines and send him progress reports. In attendance were the chairman, officials from the temple, G ram Reddy, the DRDO project director, DPO Vasantha, and Station Ghanpur RDO Krishnaveni.


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