Thieves Target - Padma Bhushan Stolen.!

Sindujaa D N
In a recent incident in Delhi, thieves targeted the residence of former Vice Chancellor GC Chatterjee, stealing the prestigious Padma bhushan medal. The theft was orchestrated by shravan Kumar, an aide of the former Vice Chancellor. The crime came to light when three individuals attempted to sell the stolen medal at a gold shop, only to data-face refusal due to the Padma bhushan inscription. Undeterred, they sought another gold shop.

However, the initial gold shop owner had already alerted the police, prompting the thieves to flee before law enforcement arrived. The Deputy Commissioner of police, Rajesh Dev, revealed that the trio—Harisingh, Rinki Ved Prakash, and Dileep—approached a jewelry shop in Kalkaji police station with the stolen medal. dileep promptly informed the police about the incident.

The accused, hailing from Madanpur Khadar, were identified as shravan Kumar (33), hari Singh (45), Rinki Devi (40), Ved Prakash (39), and prashant Biswas (49). Subsequently, all five were arrested in connection with the theft. shravan Kumar confessed to working as a medical assistant in the residence of GC Chatterjee, where the Padma bhushan medal was stolen. The incident highlights the audacity of the criminals who sought to profit from the theft of a prestigious national award, leading to their apprehension by law enforcement.

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