Samantha Learns All About Detoxing In New Podcast Episode

A preview for a future episode of samantha Ruth Prabhu's brand-new health podcast program was released. In this episode, wellness coach and nutritionist Alkesh Sharotri will discuss gut health and detoxification with Samantha. In the first moments of the video, Alkesh Sharotri dispels myths about detoxification.

He states, "In today's world, detoxification is genuinely misinterpreted. Detoxification is something we believe we must accomplish externally or in addition to our regular routines. The colon and the gut are the main components that aid in detoxification."  As she watches the film, samantha remarks, "I just understood and was just introduced to the concept of gut microbiome and how important it is, and how we have been taking care of our gut." samantha has heard his remarks.

A couple of weeks back, samantha introduced her viewers to the goals and roadmap of her new initiative. Sharing the teaser of the first episode, samantha wrote, "Let's take 20... to talk about health. First video out on february 19 #TAKE20 With sam & Alkesh." She said in the video, "Take 20 is our effort to bring you high-quality wellness related content that you can relate to and apply to your everyday life."

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