Thalapathy honors the captain in his film..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Thalapathy honors the captain in his film..!?
SA chandrasekhar is the main reason for captain Vijayakanth's leading position. It was under his direction that the captain acted in many films and became a huge hero. In this case, SAC made Vijay act in Vijayakanth's film to make his successor act in cinema. After that, he acted in a cameo appearance as captain in films starring Vijay as the hero as requested by SAC. In this case, Vijay gradually rose after that and is now crawling as a mass actor. In this context, Vijayakanth's recent death shocked many people.
Vijay paid his last respects in person. Following this now, Thalapathy is going to do an event to honor the captain. Vijay is acting in GOAT directed by venkat Prabhu. Captain will also act in this film. That means they are going to bring the captain into the film through AI technology. venkat prabhu spoke to the captain about this and took permission.
And Vijayakanth's family has agreed to this with a condition. In other words, they have requested to show Vijayakanth's scene in GOAT before its release. With venkat prabhu agreeing to this, Vijayakanth's place is almost certain. Vijay is going to feature Vijayakanth in his film as a thank you, as there is talk that Vijay has not done any help to the captain's heirs.

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