Vidyut Jamwal's N*ked Cooking Escapade in the Himalayas.!

Sindujaa D N
Bollywood actor vidyut jamwal  is currently doing two films. One of them is 'Sher Singh Rana' and the other is 'Crack'. Both these are being made as action thrillers. Meanwhile, vidyut jamwal, who recently took a break from the shooting of his film, went to the Himalayas. Walking there alone. He recently shared some photos of his Himalayan trip with his fans through social media. All the netizens are shocked to see these photos. 

The reason for that is that in these photos, vidyut jamwal is seen without even a pile of yarn on his bum. He cooks for himself like a common man in the himalayas with no clothes on. In these photos, a yogi appears. In these photos, people doing sun salutations and cooking with sticks were seen in the flowing waters of the Himalayas. Now these pics have become 

 Meanwhile, vidyut jamwal shared many interesting things on his social media while sharing these photos. "Every year I spend at least a week to ten days in the Himalayas. Happiness lies in living a luxurious life of a saint. Every molecule in nature has a lot of energy. A more luxurious life is seen in that power. Real satisfaction lies in exploring myself with nature". 

"I have been doing this meditation for the past 14 years. Coming from a luxurious life into the forest, I get a chance to learn about myself. I am learning about myself in the silence of nature. I will return home from here after a few days. He said that he will start a new chapter". 

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