Censor Board Chops Intimate S*X Scene In Animal

Animal, the most anticipated film of 2023, will be released in cinemas on Friday, december 1st. The picture has now earned an 'A' classification from The Central Board of Picture Classification (CBFC), according to the creators. However, before gaining the certification, various improvements were made in accordance with CBFC guidelines. Let's go over the entire list.
According to the Hindustan Times, there have been various adjustments, including the removal of personal sequences and a few phrases. Words like 'black' and 'costume' were substituted. While Costume was replaced with 'Vastra,' no mention was made of a substitute for black. Furthermore, the phrases 'Kabhi nahi' and 'Kya bol rahe ho aap' have been changed. All of these modifications are made to the subtitles. Cuss words are screamed wherever they occur.
Furthermore, the close-up pictures of Vijay and Zoya have been cut, but the identities of these people have not been disclosed. Finally, the final cut of the film runs for more than 203 minutes, or 3 hours and 21 minutes.
The complete list of changes made.
• The word ‘Black’ and Costume’ modified
•  ‘Kabhi nahi’ and ‘Kya bol rahe ho aap’ modified
•  The word ‘Natak’ muted.
•  Subtitles changed to ‘you change pads four times a month.’
•  Cuss words modified
•  Close-up shots in an ‘intimate scene’ were deleted.

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