Vice President compares PM Modi to Mahatma Gandhi - Congress says 'SHAMEFUL'

Vice President jagdeep dhankhar drew comparisons between mahatma gandhi and prime minister Narendra Modi at an event on Monday, calling the former a "mahapurush" (great man) of the previous century and the latter a "yugpurush" (man of the century). "I would like to tell you one thing, the mahapurush of last century was mahatma gandhi," Dhankhar stated during his speech at an event honoring Jain mystic and philosopher Shrimad Rajchandraji. "Narendra Modi is the yugpurush of the twenty-first century."
He went on to say, "Mahatma gandhi freed us from the slavery of the british with truth and non-violence, prime minister Narendra Modi has put the country on the path of progress on which we always wanted to see." The Vice President stated that both mahatma gandhi and prime minister Modi embodied Shrimad Rajchandraji's ethos and teachings. His statement drew criticism from congress leader Manickam Tagore who said it was "shameful" to compare prime minister Narendra Modi to mahatma Gandhi.

In a post on X, Manickam Tagore wrote, "If you compare with mahatma it's shameful sir, we all know there is a limit to sycophancy now you have crossed that limit, and to be in your chair and position and to be a sycophant does not add value sir." Bahujan Samaj party mp Danish ali also reacted to Dhankhar's remarks, wondering what "new era has been started in parliament by allowing an mp from the Prime Minister's party to use abusive language against a particular community".

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