Intimate Videos Spark Controversy - Keerthy-Anirudh Affair?

Sindujaa D N
It is a well-known fact that media stories have been doing the rounds for some years that Anirudh-heroine Keerthy suresh is in love. Apart from that, the photos and videos of the two of them getting intimate have also gone viral. The push started with the photos of the two touching each other deeply. How many friends are so close? There was a large-scale campaign saying that there is a bond between the two that goes beyond friendship.

In this background, there was a heated discussion in the kollywood media that the couple will get married by the end of the year. After the release of 'Jailer', there was a big discussion that Keerthy yuva Chanchalanam has found a place in his mind just like Anirudh likes music. Keerthy Suresh's father has condemned this campaign in this news. 'There is no truth in that. The stories in the media are untrue. news like this is not new to fame.

 In the past, some people talked about it in connection with the actors. They didn't care much then. But this time, as the news has reached a flag level, we have to respond.' It is also known that Keerthy's mother Menaka was a big heroine in mollywood at that time. In this background, it was also rumored that Menaka is getting married to a businessman who is the son of her childhood friend. 

This campaign also went on for a long time. But even these were denied by Menaka on one occasion. Tanaya begged Rayodda to reveal the truth about her marriage. With this, Keertha Suresh's parents directly put the brakes on the media reports about love and marriage, and it became clear that all these are untrue. Currently, Keerthy suresh continues to be busy as an actress. Doing telugu and tamil movies

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