Voice Sweeter than Honey: P.Suseela... Birthday!!

Sindujaa D N
Chennai: "Whatever the language, the voice of the Cuckoo is sweet" The meaning of these lines read somewhere is 100 per cent applicable to the singer P. Suseela. 

Happy to extend its heartfelt congratulations on the 87th birthday of this country-famous playback singer!

 P. susheela has not left out any of the indian languages. She has sung over 25,000 songs in those languages ... 5 National Awards, Over 10 State Awards, One of the highest awards of the government of india 'Padma Bhushan. Above all Guinness records. 

Mother language 

With telugu as her mother tongue, how was Suseela able to sing in pure Tamil? 

While working in AVM on a monthly salary, Meyyappa Chettiar hired a teacher to teach Suseela the tamil pronunciation. 

P. Suseela entered in the middle of the breeze.. a thin strip sounded thin .. sweeter than honey .. the mind began to yearn! 

Suseela will sprinkle a little more than what the composers expect ... that's why she soon became the leading singer in the background. 

Sri Lanka Radio 

The classicism of the raga was evident in his songs in each of the lullabies, sadness, despair, love, heroism, nostalgia, sex, punch. 

Wherever we travel and in any situation, Suseela's sweet voice mixes with the air and enters our ears, and soaks our hearts with honey. Suseela was the one who kept the Sri Lankan radio lovers of the day moving around! 


Susila's speciality is to sing without showing any part of her body except the lips, without showing it in her facial expressions. 

It is a voice that is perpetually sweet. It is a voice that can worship nature. It is a voice that does not fade away and does not dissolve even after countless years. 

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