Aditi Rao Hydari, the Royal family's sole child...!

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Many actresses have portrayed princesses and queens in bollywood films. However, few people are aware that many of these actresses are real-life princesses in addition to playing these characters in films. You might be surprised by one of these names. aditi rao hydari portrays Mehrunissa in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film 'Padmavati,' as if she were a queen.

You are not, however, thinking incorrectly. aditi rao hydari, who became the queen of Mayanagari after leaving the royal family's streets, was born into the royal family of hyderabad and is currently celebrating her 35th birthday. 

She is also Akbar Hydari's great-granddaughter, as well as the granddaughter of former assam governor Mohammad Saleh Akbar Hydari. 

Nobody would have guessed that the actress, who has offended everyone with her style, comes from such a large family. aditi rao hydari was born on october 28, 1978, in hyderabad, Telangana. Aditi, Akbar Hydari's great-granddaughter, and former assam governor Mohammad Saleh Akbar Hydari's grand-niece were both from princely families.

Akbar Hydari, Aditi's great-grandfather, was prime minister of hyderabad from 1869 to 1941, and Mohd. Saleh Akbar Hydari served as governor of Assam. raja J. Rameswara Rao, Aditi's maternal grandfather, was the ruler of Wanaparthi in Telangana, and Shantha Rameswara Rao, the chairperson of Orient Blackswan Publishing House, was a well-known educationist from Hyderabad. 

Aditi had married at a young age, and seeing her and she had already picked her life partner before entering Bollywood. Yes, Aditi is already married, which just a few people are aware of. Aditi met Satyadeep when she was 17 years old, and the two of them fell in love. 

Aditi married actor Satyadeep Mishra in 2009. She kept her marriage a secret for many years during her bollywood debut. However, it was discovered in 2013 that she had previously been married and is now divorced.

When it comes to Aditi's cinematic career, she began in 2006 with the malayalam film 'Prajapati.' 'Delhi 6' was Aditi's debut hindi film. Aditi went on to work in a number of hindi films after this. Some succeeded, while others failed. 'Rockstar,' 'Murder 3,' 'Fitoor,' and 'Padmaavat' are some of Aditi's best-known songs. 

Getting a foothold in the film industry, on the other hand, was not simple for her. Khan of Art Aditi has also dabbled with singing, performing full-time playback singing in the 2012 film 'London, Paris, New York,' which received positive reviews. Apart from that, the actress is well-known for her fashion choices. We hope that the actress continues to develop in this manner and continues to control the hearts of the public.

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