Tiruppur Kumaran: The hero to be remembered!

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Tirupur Kumaran had sacrificed his life for the liberation of the country at the age of 28 without enjoying even half of the sweetness of youth. As the country celebrates its 75th Independence Day, it is our duty to remember and pay tribute to the martyrs who fought for independence. Political parties and various organizations will pay homage to the 118th birth anniversary of freedom fighter Thiyagi Tiruppur Kumaran in Tiruppur. 

Tirupur Kumaran was born on october 4, 1904, in Chennimalai, Erode district, the first son of a Nachimuthu-Karuppai couple. Named Kumaraswamy, he completed his schooling in primary school due to family circumstances and was engaged in weaving. Kumaran moved to Tirupur with his family due to a lack of income in the weaving industry. He was patriotic from an early age and was heavily involved in Gandhian principles.

Kumaran took part in the charitable struggles in Tirupur for indian independence and led many struggles. When the anti-law movement resumed in 1932, the agitation spread throughout tamil Nadu. At that time, Kumaran was actively participating in the picket organized by the members of the Patriotic youth Council in Tirupur. On january 10, 1932, Tirupur Kumaran led the volunteer force carrying the national flag and marched enthusiastically. 

Vande Mataram !! With raised slogans, they went forward. Then he was attacked by the guards and his skull was split with a stick !! Kumaran shouted heroically and fell down. Even when he was about to die he held the national flag in his hand even as he fought for his life. 

He was called Kodikatta Kumaran because he gave his life and defended the national flag. Mahatma gandhi, who arrived in Tirupur within a month of Kumaran's death, offered his condolences to his family. The government of tamil Nadu has set up a 'Tirupur Kumaran Memorial' in Tirupur to pay homage to Tirupur Kumaran. There is a library and a study room here. Also, pictures of indian freedom fighters have been drawn and displayed to the public.

The government of india issued a special commemorative stamp in october 2004 to mark Kumaran's 100th birthday. The government of tamil Nadu declared Tirupur Kumaran's birthday as a state festival in 2015. Accordingly, Tirupur Kumaran's birthday is celebrated every year in his memory located in front of the Tirupur Railway Station.

Every year schoolchildren carrying the national flag and the public carrying mangoes will march in procession on Kumaran Road and pay floral tributes to the Kumaran Memorial Stupa opposite the Tirupur North Taluk Office. But those shows have been canceled due to corona spread. 

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