Due to hair extensions, woman is at risk of going bald...?

S Venkateshwari
Due to hair extensions, woman is at risk of going bald...?

Many people cover up hair loss with hair extensions or use them to experiment with different looks. But what if your attempt to give your hair a voluminous, stylish look fails? Unbelievably, a woman in the united kingdom is currently going through this ordeal. Shauna Higgins, 24, chose to experiment with extensions after suffering from hair loss brought on by medication. She lost more of her hair as a result of the extensions' harm to her scalp, though.

On her data-facebook page, Shauna described her experience getting hair extensions at a Dundee salon. In her journal, she wrote, "My hair dreams into a hair disaster." She said, "Mandy, their self-described 'extension specialist,' promised spectacular results. However, I must say that it was a complete nightmare! Mandy said that the hair in the images, including the blonde hair, was "a full head of extensions." She continued by saying that she had to make more trips to the salon after this.

After spending around $1,000 (Rs 82,077.50) on the hair extensions, Shauna claimed that all she received were "constant problems and bald patches!" She had become "completely bald" after five weeks. For many people who wear hair extensions on occasion or often, this incidence is shocking. If you use hair extensions, it is imperative that you understand how to maintain your hair.

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