Home treatment: How to treat dandruff?

S Venkateshwari
Home treatment: How to treat dandruff?

Due to the change in weather, the problem of dandruff often bothers people a lot. Whenever many people touch their hair, dandruff starts falling from their hair. Fungus is also one of the main reasons for this, due to which dandruff starts growing. If you are also troubled by dandruff, then keep these things in mind, it can be helpful to get rid of it, let's know how?

Don't oil your hair

If there is a problem with dandruff in the hair, then do not apply any kind of oil to the hair, because if there is a problem with dandruff, applying oil can increase it even more. 

Don't comb your hair with a dirty comb

If you are struggling with the problem of dandruff, then avoid using someone else's or a dirty comb, because it can also become the reason for increasing dandruff.

Keep hair clean

It is most important to eliminate dandruff. To keep the hair clean, wash the hair 3-4 times a week. Also, for this, use those shampoos, in which 2 per cent ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione is found.

Don't cover your hair for a long time

If you wear a cap for a long time, stop it, because wearing a cap for a long time causes excessive sweating in the hair, due to which the problem of dandruff in the hair increases even more.

Wash hair after exercising

Due to daily exercise or physical activity, the hair also sweats, so wash the hair immediately.

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