What are the Side Effects of Hair Color?

S Venkateshwari
What are the Side Effects of Hair Color?

There was a time when it was a fashion to apply hair dye or color to hide white hair, but nowadays it has become trending in common life. Everyone colors their hair to make their look stylish and best. Even people get their hair colored according to their profession.

They do color their hair, but people forget that their skin and health have to bear the brunt of this fashion. In such a situation, it is very important to choose the right color for hair and know how to apply it to your hair.

Side Effects of Hair Color-


While applying hair dye or hair color, most people see the problem of allergy. For those who use hair color or dye more, the allergic problem is seen more in them. 

Hair loss

It has been seen that people who use hair color or dye tend to lose their hair quickly. Ammonia is found in hair colors or dyes which is harmful to the hair. This often happens to people who get a permanent hair color. Eye damage

It is not that hair coloring only harms the hair or the scalp. Hair color also has a bad effect on the eyes.

May damage the outer skin

It is not necessary that if the hair has been dyed, then the damage will be in the hair or scalp only, but the itching, allergies, or dark spots can also appear on the skin of other parts of the body.

Safety from hair color

Before buying a hair color or dye, check that it contains the minimum amount of chemical called PPD, it is very important to use good hair color.

Buy hair color by looking at your hair texture or skin tone, so that it suits your personality as well as your hair.

Before coloring in the hair, test it by applying color behind the ear or in any part of the skin so that its effect can be known.

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