Eye Makeup Tips

matsa prudhvi
Clean your brushes as often as possible and they will last forever. Spray alcohol on a sheet of paper towel and sweep your brushes lightly over it. For brushes made with natural hair, it is recommended that you shampoo and condition them once a week. Eyes constitute an important part in the body. They are important in more ways than one. Eyes express what words fail to convey. Women want their eyes to be appealing and they have been using make up to accentuate the beauty of their eyes. It has been an age old practice. Here are some tips for eye makeup. Before applying eye makeup, it is recommended that you use a concealer to screen the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes. Ensure that the shade of the concealer is a bit lighter than your natural skin tone. Do not use it in excessive amounts. Apply the eye shadow in many thin layers. Eye shadows are meant to highlight the beauty of the eyes. They are used to create depth to the eyes. If you use dark colors, your eyes may look smaller, while a lighter color will make them appear larger. If possible, use an eye brush to brush the shadow up. To highlight the eyes, add a lighter shade of the same color as the eye make up to your brow bone. Too much of a shadow or liner will also make the eyes look smaller. While using a lighter color on the eyelid, use a darker color in the crease and a highlighter under the brow. This helps in creating illusions with eye shadows. If the eyes are small, don't use too much shadow or liner ? it will make your eyes look even smaller. For large eyes, wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. Use a flat color to highlight under the brow. If the eyes are deep-set, use light colors under the skin and the brow and a medium color under the crease. Accentuate the outer corners of the eye with shadow. For wide-set eyes, use darker colors on the inner corners with shadow.

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