Homemade Hair tonics for hair growth


ginger onion Hair Tonic

onions are supposed to help in hair growth. ginger is supposed to regulate the circulation of blood from scalp to the tip of hair strands making your hair long and shiny. You can choose either as well. If your hair growth is scanty, go for onion juice, and if, dull, split ends bother you, then go for ginger juice. This recipe is really simple to make and you have to apply the ginger juice on the scalp, leave it on for thirty minutes and then wash off. Repeat it once a week for best results. It is one of the bestselling hair oils in the market.

apple cider vinegar with Coconut oil:

Now that I have listed two basic hair growth recipes, I will get down to few evolved combinations, the first one being that of apple juice or vinegar with Coconut oil. Six to ten drops of apple vinegar, mixed with Coconut oil, is a great remedy for hair fall and dry hair.

Milk & Almond Mask for Hair

Add four tea spoons of Almond oil to three fourth cup of milk, preferably raw, and apply it as a mask. Leave it for three to four hours, and wash with a mild shampoo for best results. This hair fall solution can be used once a week and treats dry and dull hair well.

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