What not to do after WAXING?


What to do after waxing:  Cleanse skin again using Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is soothing and antiseptic. Use a towel to wrap some ice cubes to the area after waxing. This will help with redness and discomfort. Use a hydrating product, such as baby oil, to help clean up residual wax, and also moisturize the skin.


Use moisturizer ever day after waxing. Apply cooling lotion such as aloe vera. You can extract gel from fresh aloe vera leaves. Use a mineral based make up to hide any redness. This type of make-up allows the skin to breathe. What not to do after waxing:   If skin is not red and inflamed the next day, gently exfoliate to prevent pimples and ingrown hairs from forming. Do not exfoliate within 24 hours after waxing. Keep hands away from waxed area to prevent bacteria driven pimples .Avoid any public water areas such as hot tubs, saunas, pools, and spas while the skin is healing to prevent infections.


Take showers instead of bathing for a few days. Don’t exercise enough to cause heavy perspiring. Avoid tight clothing if the bikini area was waxed. Do not squeeze any pimples, to do so will cause more pimples. Instead apply a pimple medication. Don’t get waxed just before menses when the skin is more vascular. Don't drink stimulants like alcohol or caffeinated drinks a few hours before waxing, because this will make the skin more sensitive.


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